Photo by Bernd Kuchenbeiser.

On March 5, Angiolo Giuseppe Fronzoni is born in San Mommè, Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy.

Opens his studio in Brescia, conducting a multiform design business dealing with publishing, graphic design, industrial design, exhibition design and architecture.

Founds and edits the art and literature journal “Punta”, in Brescia.

Designs the Cavellini contemporary art collection, Brescia.

Moves to Milan, where he opens a studio.

Designs the “Quadra” lamp.

Designs the “Forma Zero” cases for Valextra.

Designs the premises of the “La Polena” modern art gallery in Genoa, also coordinating the gallery’s visual image: catalogues, posters and exhibition layout design.

Designs the “Serie 64” furniture range.

1965 – 1967
Editor and graphic designer for the architecture journal “Casabella”, Milano.

Designs the poster for the Luciano Fontana exhibition, Genova.

Collaborates in the restoration of the historic Palazzo Balbi Senarega in Genova and its consversion into the site of the History of Art Institute.

Designs the poster for the Experimental Museum of Contemporary Art in Turin.

Designs the poster for the Gio Ponti exhibition, Milan.

1967 – 1969
Teaches at the Humanitarian Society School in Milan, by invitation of Albe Steiner.

1968 – 1988
Teaches at the ISA (State Art Institute) in Monza.

Designs the poster for the Festival of Cinema, the poster for the Festival of Music and the poster for the Festival of Theatre at the Venice Biennale.

Designs the exhibition layout for “Nouveau Realisme 1960 – 1970: at the Rotonda della Besana in Milano.

Restores the historic Cairoli College Stables building in Pavia, converting it into the University Art Gallery

Designs the Biagetti House on the Island of Capraia (with Gianni Bortolotti)

Total restoration of XVII century house at Alagna Valsesia, converting it into the Walser Museum. The design is awarded the ZianotiBianco prize.

1976 – 1977
Teaches at the ISIA (Institue of Applied Arts) in Urbino.

1978 – 1979
Founds and directs the ICV (Institute of Visual Communication), in Milan

1979 – 1981
Assigned the communication project “Art and the City” by the department of Culture of the Genova City Council, involving the graphicdesigns and exhibition layout designs and the transformation of the Falcone theater into the Moden Art gallery.

1982 – 2001
Founds and runs his workshop-school in Milan.

Designs the layout of the mobile exhibition “Marchio progetti. Proposte per il Credito industriale sardo” in Cagliari in 1988 and in Milan in 1989.

1990 – 2001
Teaches at the Academy of Communication in Milan.

Designs the Testa lot in Milan.

Designs the architecture magazine “Area”, Milan.

Designs layout for his own exhibition “Design: for of the verb Love” at the Maria Calderara centre, Milan; exhibition promoted by Viabizzuno.

AG Fronzoni dies at 5 p.m. on the afternoon of Friday, February 8, at his home in Milan, Italy opposite the garden of Leonardo. He was 78. On February 27, at 5 p.m., he was remembered in a memorial ceremony as someone who had sought beauty. On March 9, 60 of his students gathered to share his memory.