“A lezione con A G Fronzoni” (A lesson with A G Fronzoni) | Book
A book by Ester Manitto on the teachings of Fronzoni.

Painting A. G. Fronzoni | Online article
Interview with Alessandro Mendini, in which he describes how he got to know A. G. Fronzoni during the 5 years they worked together (1965-1970)

Omaggio a AG Fronzoni (Homage to AG Fronzoni) | Downloadable PDF
Pamphlet (2002) edited by Mareike Henschel for architectural design students at the Politecnicodi Milano.

Fronzoni, a portrait | Page designs, no detailed view
Portrait in 16 pages of AG Fronzoni, by Giuliano Chimenti. The booklet shows the work of six european avant-guardists artists who share with Fronzoni a vision and a modus operandi: Reduction, abstraction, spatiality, project.

Progettare l’essenza (Designing Essence) | PDF will download immediately
Italian/English portrait of AG Fronzoni by Massimo Curzi and Seppe Finessi; it looks incomplete however?

Maestro of minimalism | Online article
Article by Mark Curtis on the lasting influence of AG Fronzoni. Published in Tandem, a Canadian news, arts and sports paper.

AG Fronzoni – “They thought I was crazy, but they went along with it” | Book
57-page book (English) by Bernd Kuchenbeiser, published in 1997 by Lars Müller Publishers.

La democrazia grafica di AG Fronzoni | Article in magazine
Article in Alias supplemento a il manifesto, 2 March 2002, page 113 (Italian)

Un poeta visivo in bianco e nero | Online article copied from newspaper
Article (Italian) by Marco Belpoliti for Italian newspaper “La Stampa”, published on 15 February 2002.

Fontana Galleria La Polena Genova | Online article
Article (Italian) by Marco Sinesi reviewing the 1966 Fronzoni exhibition in the Fontana Galleria La Polena Genova. Published in unknown source

Questo nuovo sa di vecchio di A. G. Fronzoni | Online article / PDF
What looks to be a series of quotes (Italian) by AG Fronzoni, extracted from an article in Costruire magazine of November 1994 (PDF available).

La democrazia grafica di AG Fronzoni | Article in trade magazine
Portrait of AG Fronzoni by Marco Belpoliti. Previously published in “Alias” of March 2, 2002, it is here offered in Registro dei progetti editoriali: an overview of 10 years of publication projects of Luca Sossella, on page 113 (available as eBook on Issuu and as PDF).

The city as a white page: The encounter of typography and urban space in Italian late modernism | PDF will download immediately
Interesting study by Luciana Gunetti and Gabriele Oropallo about the period between the late 1960’s and the late 1980’s in Italy. During this period, an urban form of typography developed: an approach to graphic that intervened on the whole surface of the urban space. The paper looks at two examples of such interventions – Albe Steiner’s information design system for the city of Urbino in 1968, and the work by AG Fronzoni for the city of Genoa around 1979. The document contains some pictures from exhibitions designed by Fronzoni and of posters in the streets of Genoa.

Design tra Oriente e Occidente – Il caso A.G. Fronzoni | PDF will download immediately
Study (Italian) of the relationship between Eastern and Western culture, and how certain core concepts can be found in the design philosophy of AG Fronzoni.

La questione del minimalismo: AG Fronzoni
An excerpt from the essay Vanni Pasca, Design in the nineties, published in: Fulvio Carmagnola, Vanni Pasca, Minimalism.
 Ethics and new forms of simplicity in design, Cub, Milan 1996.